I.T. Professionals, Logs, and Agricultural Services


We are  the West's solution to I.T and Agricultural Services. GreenCo has been established since 2001

Somerset Logs / Somerset Horse Rug Cleaning and Somerset Clipper Services are companies that we trade under the name of (partnership of)

At GreenCo we do have a Clipper Blade sharpening Machine: Clipper Blade Sharpening (whilst you wait, also: cattle, sheep and human blades)  prices from: £7.50 + P&P

We can travel anywhere in the UK and are based in Somerset.

Solutions to all computing software & hardware problems. Rapid repair service for computer breakdowns, crashes etc. Call us out to your home or office and we will get you back up and running. Thousands of malicious programs are traveling around the world wide web, these are known as Virus, Trojan, worm, spyware and malware. If you think you are infected call us now, we will clear all of the problem files from your computer before it's too late.

On average our technicians resolve 90% of computer problems within one hour and will advise you of any additional costs before any charge is incurred, allowing you to stay in control of the costs. We can also fit hard drives, graphics cards, sound cards, digital cameras, scanners, printers, CD and DVD Writers etc, give advice, set up email and internet connections, in fact everything you would ever want all under one roof. Why trust your computer to anyone else?

GreenCo has just recently just come back into the I.T. world after having about 2 years away from the trade. After alot of consideraton we have decided that we are The Best in The West at our original Trade. our prices are from: £50 callout (inc 1 hour labour). This is for Portishead and upto 10 miles radius. thereafter we charge an extra £1.80 per mile.